Grill Kabob offers authentic and delicious Afghani food

We have many different kebabs, sandwiches, salads
and more for you to love!

  • Kobeeda Kabob (ground beef or ground chicken)
  • Chicken Kabob (grilled chicken breast)
  • Beef Kabob
  • Lamb Kabob
  • Kobeeda & Chicken Kabob (grilled chicken with a choice of ground beef or ground chicken)
  • Beef & Chicken Kabob
  • Lamb & Chicken Kabob
  • Veggie Kabob

All sandwiches are served on freshly baked Tandoori bread with lettuce, tomatoes and our special white sauce.

  • Kobeeda Sandwich (choice of ground beef or ground chicken)
  • Chicken Kabob Sandwich
  • Beef Kabob Sandwich
  • Lamb Kabob Sandwich
  • Falafel Sandwich
  • Gyro
  • Kobeeda Kabob Salad
  • Chicken Kabob Salad
  • Beef Kabob Salad
  • Lamb Kabob Salad
  • Kobeeda & Chicken Salad
  • Beef & Chicken Salad
  • Lamb & Beef Salad
  • Gyro Salad
  • Falafel Platter
  • Curry Platter
  • Gyro Platter
  • Vegetarian Platter (chickpeas, spinach and potatoes)


Note: All platters are served with Basmati rice (white or seasoned), salad, and freshly baked naan bread, as well as your choice of our special sauces.

Grill Kabob Cuisine Terms

Kebab –
A kebab is made by skewering pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables and then grilling them. The base of a traditional kebab is some type of marinated meat. Lamb is a popular choice, as is beef and chicken.

Basmati Rice –
Basmati is an exceptional variety of long grain rice noted for its unique scent and delicate, nuanced flavor. Its name means “the fragrant one” in Sanskrit.

Signature sauces –
• Creamy White Sauce
• Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Naan (Bread) –
Bread, or naan, is an important part of the Afghan meal. Naan is cooked in a special oven, called a tandoor.

Tandoor Oven –
A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in Afghan cooking and baking. The heat is traditionally generated by a charcoal or wood fire. Temperatures in a tandoor can approach 480°C (900°F), and it is common for tandoor ovens to remain lit for long periods to maintain the high cooking temperature.