About Us

Who we are

Grill Kabob: Cooking on Fire Since 1998


Grill Kabob offers traditional Afghan food with a unique twist. We have a delicious variety of made-to-order kebabs and other authentic specialties. Our kebabs are marinated and grilled to perfection. We have generous portions, reasonable prices, and our fresh-from-the-tandoor naan bread is the best. We are family owned and operated.

Our Beginnings

The origins of Grill Kabob go back many years, to when the three of us were forced to flee our native Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war in 1980.
After immigrating to United States, we were joined by our cousin Mahmoud Mahdjoub, who had been a journalist in Afghanistan.

It was here in the United States that Mahmoud found a passion for cooking. Eventually we decided to start a kebab restaurant, using the authentic Afghan recipes developed by our cousin.

Our first location was 300-square-foot site in the food court in Springfield Mall. Business picked up quickly due to excellent word of mouth. It was very hard to keep up with the demand with such limited space, so we opened up a second location in the main food court.

Beginning in busy food courts in local malls, we quickly grew to 14 locations. Eventually we expanded to include stand-alone restaurants. Today, Grill Kabob is one of the largest kebab chains in the United States.